Letter P - Alphabet Rainbow Match

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by Smart Land

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Enjoy the colorful, audio supported Letter P practice set. 17 cards and the metaphoric, building connections Rainbow structure to practice 3 aspects: - Uppercase and Lowercase representation of the letter, tasks to build/recognize the uppercase & lowercase pair of the letter - Beginning Sound practice - building the essential vocabulary (6 letter P words among dozen non-P objects) - Letter Identification (both Uppercase and Lowercase) - to be able to find it among other letters and to build the matching pairs. The tasks are designed to include ALL lowercase letters in the letter P search ! This set is dedicated to Letter P only! Please look for the other sets of this Rainbow series in my store. Big 40% off Bundle set (all 26 letters) is available now! Cards: 1. Introduction of letter P uppercase and lowercase pair (drag and drop) 2-4. Finding lowercase 'p' to match uppercase 'P' 5. Complete the pair. Choose the correct lowercase letter to match its uppercase buddy (drag and drop) 6,7,15. Choose the correct Upper-Lowercase pair 8-9. Choose Letter P/p beginning sound (penguin/pumpkin) 10-11. Choose the correct Letter-Sound object pair (pineapple/pretzel) 12. Complete the sentence with the correct beginning sound objects (drag and drop type) (pencil/pizza) 13. Find uppercase pair for lowercase letter 14. Complete the uppercase-lowercase pair (drag and drop) 16. Find uppercase P among other uppercase letters 17. Find lowercase P among other lowercase letters