Lesson 9 Words to Know

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by B & B Teaching With Heart

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 1

Description: Lesson 9 is part of Unit 2 for Journeys. This deck contains three different practices for the Words to Know to supplement your activities! 1) The first 6 slides have the student choose the word that the "Cat in the Hat" says when you click on it. 2) The next 6 slides have the student read the word aloud and then click the girl reading the book to see if they were right. 3) Finally the last 6 slides have the student choose the word that belongs in the sentence. They drag the "Thing" to the hat that has the correct word. **All slides are an adorable Dr. Seuss theme and all have audio.*** Be sure to check out my Lesson 9 Bundle that includes this Words to Know Practice, spelling, grammar (singular and plural nouns), s blends phonics, antonyms, and emergent reader comprehension.