Flash Freebie Friday Let's Sort: Who, What Doing, Where Level 1

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by thefunctionalspeechie

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Do you have any students on your caseload who can answer rote wh-questions, but can't answer novel ones? Students can't answer wh-questions functionally until they understand the underlying meaning of wh-question words. This sorting activity offers 10 interactive slides that target the underlying meaning of who, what doing, and where questions by having students match people, actions, and places to the corresponding wh-question words. This activity is the first in a series of two and offers visual supports. Read the stimulus. Student drags and drops the pictures to the correct boxes. If your student puts the pictures in the correct boxes, the activity will automatically advance to the the next slide. If your student doesn’t put the pictures in the correct boxes, your student will be given the opportunity to correct their mistakes. As always, happy learning! This activity pairs nicely with my Find It Series so be sure to check it out!