La lecture et la Dictée | Le verbe être au présent de l’indicatif | Le h muet

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by LingvoKid

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Description: Les fleurs du jardin is a text for reading and writing after dictation, where children train their skills in: - conjugating the french verbs être, finir, planter, lire in the text, which are given also separately to practise before dictation. - writing "le h muet" (heure, habiller....) - choosing the right pronoun in the sentences, sounding the same, but written differently : il - ilS. For example: Tous ensemble, ils plantent des fleurs . ("Tous ensemble" is a clue to write the pronoun in plural). This text is also included in the deck Dictée #7, but just its small part "dictée non préparée". where children don't see the text with illustrations and just write what they hear. Here in this deck I put the text with illustrations and without, so you can choose whether to use it as "préparée" or "non préparée". Or you can take this text for retelling and practising the verbs conjugating, as I added a new card (which is not included in the deck ""Dicteé #7" ) to put verbs in the text. It also can be purchased together with the deck "Dicteé #7" .