Octopus Counting, Patterns and Prepositions

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by Wanda Ashby

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Subjects: math,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This deck is for the octopus fan! The first ten cards target counting 1-10 using a ten frame. When the correct number is selected the card will advance. Cards 11-20 target patterns. The patterns are AB, ABB, and ABC. The student may want to focus on the colors of the octopus if this proves too difficult as all the pattern objects are octopuses or octopi! Cards 21-28 target prepositions. The student is instructed to put the octopus "in," "on," "under," "next to," "in front," "between," "over," and "behind" various items. Cards 29 and 30 are simply spelling the word octopus. Card 29 provides a model of the word and Card 30 is only the picture. Have fun!