Summer Positional / Spatial Basic Concepts

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by Mia McDaniel | Putting Words In Your Mouth

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Subjects: ela,speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Practice identifying basic concepts with your students or clients using these 50 colorful & engaging summer themed task cards. This deck focuses on positional/spatial concepts of IN/INSIDE, OUT, ON, OFF, OVER, UNDER, UNDERNEATH, BENEATH, BELOW, BETWEEN, NEXT TO, NEAR, BESIDE, CLOSE, FAR, FARTHEST, IN FRONT, IN BACK, BEHIND, TOP, ON TOP OF, ABOVE, BOTTOM, LOW, LOWEST, HIGH, HIGHER, FIRST, MIDDLE and LAST. To work on expressive language, too, just ask students about what is happening in the scene, pose various WH- questions, work on describing elements of the scene, or simply ask what the characters are doing/wearing/feeling, etc. The scenes lend themselves to lots of fun discussion! After clicking on their answer or answers, students should click the NEXT button to reveal if they are correct or not. They’ll get a pleasant “ding” if they are correct or an “oops” sound if they’re incorrect. The deck will not advance to the next card until the user gets the answer correct. Finally, use black arrows in the bottom left corner to navigate the deck backwards and forwards. Don’t miss “jumping” into the pool at the end of this deck!