Magic E Inference Riddles

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by Heather Price at Heather's Heart

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Can your students perform magic and infer the answers to these MAGIC E inference riddles? Learning to infer can be a difficult reading strategy. The simple clues and pictures help lend support to young students. The riddles are great to use whole group on an interactive board. Students will read all of the clues carefully and use the clues to infer what the MAGIC E word is. This provides a great time to ask higher level questions and a chance to build vocabulary. Use this deck as you learn about VCE words and long vowel sounds. You can even incorporate spelling the words after they infer the answer. Students must read carefully because there is a word that does not have the magic e as a choice. This deck will have your students loving the MAGIC of making inferences.