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by Science Is Real

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Subjects: science

Grades: 7,8,9,10,11

Description: 30 Interactive Weather Boom Cards This deck is a set of 30 highly interactive & illustrated cards to practice and review weather, weather fronts, weather maps, air masses, and other weather topics. Questions include drag and drop, labeling diagrams, card sorts, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank. Most cards are multistep. Content covered: ✦ Key Vocabulary ✦ Weather ✦ Weather Maps ✦ Weather Fronts ✦ Precipitation, Humidity, Wind, Air Pressure ✦ Air Masses The variety of question types and bright illustrated clip art bring this topic to life for students. Click on the preview to play the first four cards! Click "view full screen" if it isn’t working. I hope you enjoy using these Boom Cards with your students! © Science Is Real Check Out More Boom Cards at Key Words: weather, climate, weather maps, weather fronts, types of weather, precipitation, air pressure, wind, isobars, weather symbols, air masses, jet stream, Coriolis effect, weather