Semana Santa Spanish Readings & Questions

by Profe Zulita

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Subjects: holiday,firstDayOfSpring,easter,language,instructionalSpanish,religion,christianEaster

Grades: 8,9,10,11,12

Description: This deck contains 10 readings about Semana Santa / Easter / Holy Week / Pascua celebrations around the world & Spanish speaking world in Spanish. Each reading is followed by reading comprehension (true / false) questions to check for understanding for a total of 41 cards. These readings are perfect for Novice High to Intermediate Spanish language learners. Each reading has "new" words glossed at the bottom. This deck contains on Semana Santa, Mexico, Spain, Nicaragua, Jerusalem, Italy, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and the US. Boom decks are not editable, if you find an error please email me at so I can fix it for you! Disclaimer: While this deck does not TEACH religion or religious aspect, it is about the traditions and celebrations surrounding Semana Santa which IS a religious event. If your school is not comfortable with you teaching ANYTHING related to religion, this may not be the deck for you.