Sensory Regulation - Alerting Activities

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by Two Fish Therapy

Price: 360 points or $3.6 USD

Subjects: specialed

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This Sensory Regulation Alerting Activities Deck is intended to be used to support children to get into their optimal zones for learning and/or support children to meet energy level expectations in different environments. It follows the Sensory Regulation Interactive Digital Audio Book, where children are taught about Sensory Processing and energy levels and behavior. Once children learn about Sensory Processing they can then choose a deck of exercises to do to help get them to a regulated state and help meet the expectations of school, home or community. In this deck the exercises and music are intended to be alerting and support postural activation (core strength) and attention. The next deck will be calming. (Please note that the instructions are simply a suggestion and may add a little complexity for some children. Feel free to use a timer - or other form of time management- instead of the instructions on each card if you wish.)