Animal Themed Build a Scene for Early Language Skills

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by Speechie Adventures

Price: 250 points or $2.5 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This animal themed activity is a perfect no prep, digital resource for fun, animal, zoo, and pets themed speech language therapy sessions! Have fun building outdoor & indoor scenes with this Boom Cards activity that you can use to target vocabulary, describing, AAC & core words, requesting, commenting, and more! Have fun at the zoo, playing with animals in their natural habitats (jungle, ocean, forest, etc.), feeding various pets, and more! What's Included: 1. Vocabulary Task - e.g. Find the manatee. - 3 pictures to choose from - Great for targeting vocabulary, describing, yes/no, and more! 2. Animals Themed Build a Scene - Variety of backgrounds (e.g. at the zoo, backyard, outside, jungle, forest, desert, etc.) - Variety of people/characters doing a variety of actions (e.g. zookeeper, pet owners, etc.) - Animals & animal related items (e.g. food, water dish, grass, rocks, veggies, toys, etc.) - Visual preposition strip (e.g. up, down, on, under, above, next to) - Describing visual (e.g. category/group, looks like, location, etc.) - "I want __" & "Put the __" visual sentence strips Questions? Email me at