ZOO ANIMALS & More Middle 8 Phono & Artic Deck: F V K G S Z + S=Blends

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by Meredith Taylor SLP

Price: 700 points or $7 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Are you and your ANIMAL fans looking for a FUN and interactive packet for breaking those stubborn phonological processes? Keep speech therapy disguised as games and 'play' activities with this full set of ZOO ANIMALS and MORE! This set includes target words for six phonological processes in sets of 10 (total of 300 target words): Final Consonant Deletion /m,n,t,d,p,b,k,g,f,v,s,z/; Cluster Reduction /sk-, sl- sm-, sn-, st-, sp-, sw-, -ps, -ts/; Stopping /s,z,f,v/; Fronting/Backing /k,g,t,d/ and Gliding /w,y/. The deck is FUN and EASY to use in speech teletherapy. After the child says the 10 target words in the green box, they can move the ANIMALS into the provided scenes. There are included speech sound icons to give visual cues for articulatory placement on each card. The deck begins with a clickable Table of Contents to jump to the specific phonological process or the specific articulation sound. Each card has buttons to click back to the home page, BACK to the previous slide, or to the NEXT slide. The graphics are too cute to pass up! ~The SLP on TPT, Meredith Taylor