Making Small Comments

by OrganizedBabble

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Subjects: speech,sel,specialed

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Description: Sometimes during conversation, students sit there silently as others share information or ask questions, rather than joining the conversation. Sometimes this is due to anxiety, language formulation challenges, or trouble knowing what to say. One great place to start to build students' confidence is to teach them "small" comments they can make. These are small phrases that they can more easily remember, and more quickly say, without significant formulation demands. These comments allow them to say something and be part of the conversation. It's important to note that this deck is not to force or promote student participation in a conversation that they are not interested in. There are different communication styles based upon neurotypes, and teaching "you must take 3 turns in conversation" or "you must respond with a comment" is not neurodiversity-affirming. However, this deck is perfect for students who are interested in connecting and participating more in conversation, but have barriers to doing so, as mentioned above! In this deck, a statement will be given (e.g., "I'm not feeling well today." Students will identify and drag any of the 3 choices (it could be 1, 2, or all 3) that are logical "small comments" to make in response!