Pirate Repeating Patterns

by MissRobin

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Subjects: math,mathElementary

Grades: 14,13

Description: Ahoy Mateys! In this pirate themed repeating patterns deck of Boom cards, students will complete different pirate themed patterns by dragging what comes next to the empty square, In this interactive repeating patterns activity, students will choose from multiple pictures to decide how to complete the pattern. These pirate repeating patterns are interactive - because students can drag the picture they think comes next to complete the pirate repeating pattern. These pirate repeating patterns Boom cards are also self-checking! After students drag what they think comes next, they can check their answer by clicking the blue check! If they did not choose the correct pirate picture at first, they can try again! This pirate-themed repeating patterns activity has a variety of repeating patterns spread randomly through the deck. - 4 AB patterns - 4 AABB patterns - 4 AAB patterns - 4 ABB patterns - 4 ABC patterns - 4 ABCD patterns This comes to a total of 24 cards in this deck! By randomizing the patterns in this pirate-themed deck of Boom cards, students will get to read each repeating pattern and decide which pattern they are completing before they decide what comes next! This is a great review pattern activity for preschoolers and kindergarteners with a pirate theme they will love! These Boom cards work great as a center, interactive board activity, for distance learning, review. This is a great repeating patterns activity with a fun pirate theme!