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Subjects: ela

Grades: 4,5,6,7,8

Description: These Boom Cards are perfect for teaching Punctuation – Commas and Inverted Commas. These no prep activities would be great for ELA lessons or ELA centers. Your students will love these self-grading exercises that are gamified for student engagement. After attempting these New Bloom’s Taxonomy-based Boom Cards students will be able to: • Consider the functions of commas and inverted commas to identify the signs that exemplify the punctuation marks in a text. • List the similarities and the differences between commas and inverted commas. • Apply punctuation rules to identify the appropriate use of commas and inverted commas in a text. • Use commas to separate elements in a series; to clarify meaning; to mark fronted adverbials; to mark transition words; to introduce an introductory statement before a quote; to mark the end of quote within inverted commas; to separate two independent clauses; and to introduce an introductory subordinate clause. • Use inverted commas to mark quoted speech or direct speech and to enclose titles of minor works. • I can demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English punctuation – commas and inverted commas – when writing. These cards are aligned to: CCSS - ELA.LITERACY - L.3.2c, L.4.2b, L.5.2abcd, L.6.2a, L.7.2a, L.8, L.8.2a More related Boom Cards by the same author: • Capital Letters and Full Stops: 24 Boom Cards