Insect Vocabulary | Photographs

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by Just Julie

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Subjects: science,speech,holiday,earlyIntervention,expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage,vocabAcquisitionAndUse

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This deck uses photographs to teach students the names of different insects. The first 12 cards introduce students to the different insects. The last 12 cards prompt students to answer, "Where is the (insect)?" from a field of two. Actual photographs are used in this deck to provide needed support for students as they acquire new vocabulary and an understanding of different insects. A white background reduces visual input for students requiring additional support to focus and names of insects are written in green. Audio is provided on every card. Pictures in this deck include: ladybug, dragonfly, ant, fly, caterpillar, butterfly, grasshopper, bee, centipede, beetle, praying mantis and moth. This deck focuses on the following skills: identifying insects and answering "where" questions. This deck is perfect for early intervention specialists, preschool and kindergarten teachers, speech therapists and parents working with their child at home.