Apraxia Potato Head Articulation For Apraxia and Early Intervention

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by TelehealthSpecialists.com

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Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Apraxia & Articulation! Activity packed with 80 Words! Menu allows you to navigate between the following categories: CV - 8 words VC - 8 words CVC with final /t/ - 8 words CVC with final /p/ & /b/ - 8 words CVC with final /d/ & /n/ - 8 words CVC with final /m/ - 8 words CVCV reduplication - 8 words CVCV changing vowels - 8 words CVCV changing vowels and consonants- 16 words There is also a "free play" card that you can use to build a potato head just for fun or for working on following directions. *****There are 5 stars on each page which can be used as optional reinforcement to encourage multiple repetitions. Use your teletherapy platform's drawing tools to circle, stamp or cross out the stars. *****Instructions for playing: drag the body parts onto the potato on each card to "build a potato head" character. Each body part reveals a picture with a word. Have your students practice these words in isolation or in phrases depending on your goals. Use the stars to help provide a visual for targeting multiple repetitions. Ex: say the word "pie" 5 times.