Music Terms/Vocabulary

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by Amy Candland

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Subjects: music

Grades: 3,4,5,6,7

Description: This deck is a great way to check student's understanding of basic music terms and note values. They click on the popcorn bucket that has the definition for the chalked word. Music words needing defined: forte, repeat sign, crescendo, quarter note, piano, pair of eighth notes, bar line, mezzo forte, quarter rest, double bar line, pianissimo, tempo, half note, staccato, allegro, whole note, mezzo piano, accent, sixteenth note, fortissimo, legato, largo, staff, sharp, flat - in random order Terms of Use: This Boom Deck is for individual use. It may not be shared with other teachers. You may use this Boom Deck for any/all students YOU teach and at any school(s) YOU teach at. If you talk about it or reference it online please link back to my Boom Store: This product may not be reproduced or posted to the internet. It is a violation of copyright.