Division Bead Board Divide by 6 Montessori

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by Gardenia Montessori

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Subjects: math

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: This deck of 10 Drag-and-Drop Division Bead Board Dividing by 6 Boom Cards is perfect for practicing setting up and solving division fact problems using the Division Bead Board. The instructions are available in audio at the click of a mouse! Set Up of this Boom Cards Deck: Cards 1 - 4 are a tutorial on how to use the division bead board and read the answer. (AUDIO optional) Cards 2 - 10 each feature 1 division fact problem dividing by 6. The problems are in order: 6 ÷ 6, 12 ÷ 6, 18 ÷ 6… all the way to 54 ÷ 6. On each problem card, the child will drag and drop the correct number of green skittles to the top of the board, just like when using the real division bead board. The ‘bowl’ of beads is already prepped with the correct number of beads to share out. Because dragging and dropping many beads can be tedious, each problem has the previous problem’s beads already in their places on the board. For example, on the card 18 ÷ 6, the beads from 12 ÷ 6 will already be in place. The student only needs to bring over 6 more beads to find the answer. To the right of each row, the child will type in the multiples of 6, as they have been revealed in the prior problems, reinforcing skip counting. This also helps the child stay on track when counting the beads. After reading the answer to the problem, the child types it into a fill in the blank box. If any of the parts of the problem are incorrect, the student can try those parts again.