Sight Word Spelling: Valentine SET 5 WITH AUDIO

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by Stress Less with Susan

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Subjects: sightWords,valentinesDay,phonics,readingSkills

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: SIGHT WORD SPELLING SET 5 Make practicing spelling their sight words fun this Valentine's Day! AFTER THEY'VE MASTERED RECOGNITION, it's time to UNSCRAMBLE the letters to SPELL the words. This drag-and-drop deck with audio cues asks kiddos to unscramble letters to spell each sight word. Every word has ONE EXTRA LETTER TO "SAVE" in the box. After they spell all the words, the naughty "Love Monster" SPILLS ALL THE EXTRA LETTERS OUT and students unscramble the letters to spell the BONUS VALENTINE'S DAY-THEMED word/phrase. Series 5: are, walk, talk, your, very, want, should, because, always Need more sight words? To get the ENTIRE BUNDLE: ALL SIX SETS SEPARATED, PLUS THE SIX SETS IN ONE CONTINUOUS DECK. Go here: Need printables that give LOTS OF repetition? Try my sight word spelling resources on TPT!