Shape Sorter 2: A Digital Toy (Irregular and Geometrical Sh

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by Marian Modules

Price: 130 points or $1.3 USD

Subjects: games,shapes,math,vision,visualPerception,playSkills,autism

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Step into the world of shapes with this engaging digital toy! Explore both irregular and geometrical shapes as you sort and match them in this interactive activity. Instructions: Objective: Drag and drop shapes into their correct irregular or geometrical shapes in the holes. Content: You will encounter various shapes displayed on the screen, ranging from geometric shapes like squares and circles to irregular shapes such as clouds or abstract forms. Challenge: Test your shape recognition skills and spatial reasoning abilities as you identify and correctly place each shape in its designated category. Feedback: Receive immediate feedback on your choices to reinforce learning and correct any misconceptions about different types of shapes. Features: Interactive Interface: Enjoy a user-friendly interface that allows for easy manipulation of shapes. Visual Representation: Colorful and visually appealing graphics enhance engagement and understanding of shape characteristics. Educational Benefits: Enhance shape recognition, classification skills, and spatial awareness through hands-on interaction. Learning Outcome: Develop a deeper understanding of the differences between irregular and geometrical shapes while having fun sorting and categorizing shapes in this interactive digital toy.