Playground/Recess Aided Language Board with Voice Output

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by Suddenly TeleSLP

Price: 175 points or $1.75 USD

Subjects: speech,communicationModalities,modalitiesAAC,assistiveTechnologies,earlyIntervention,socialAspectsOfCommunication,expressiveLanguage

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: *Note: You cannot view the actual aided language board in the preview (it is the 5th slide). It is full size and fills the screen. Low tech language boards provide a nice model for students who are learning vocabulary for specific topics and are incredibly beneficial for students with limited verbal output. Aided language boards can be used across all types of communication needs. We know that visual supports for spoken language are invaluable. Use these to support your students' comprehension and as a vehicle for their expression as well. This aided language board combines core vocabulary with fringe vocabulary (specific to the topic or activity) related to the playground. The AWESOME thing about using this aided language board through the Boom Learning website, is the VOICE OUTPUT feature. Your student can touch the speaker icons on each picture to make the board speak for them. This also lets them explore the board on their own, selecting the speakers to hear and learn what message each picture represents.  Additional aided language boards for a variety of topics are available in my Boom Learning store. Like/follow Suddenly Tele-SLP on Facebook for new product notifications and freebie alerts.