The Haunted House - A Short Story for Inferencing and More

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by Speech Resource Hub

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: ela,speech,specialed

Grades: 2,3,4

Description: This Halloween-themed story deck designed includes one short story, and 6 modes of play. It targets story comprehension, answering wh- questions, story detail recall, making inferences from text, predicting outcomes, story element identification, sequencing, story retelling, and more. Story Detail Wh- Questions The student must answer who, what, where, when, why, or how questions about mentioned story details. Multi-choice. Inferences The student must answer questions that determine inferred details, causes, and/or outcomes. Multi-choice. Story Elements The student must identify a/an/the Characters, Setting, Event, Problem, and Solution in the story. Multi-choice. Sequencing The student has to rearrange four pictured events from the story on the next page. Drag and drop. Fill in the Story The student has to drag and drop words from the word bank to retell the story. Retell (NEEDS MANUAL GRADING) The student must write the story in their own words given 4 picture prompts. This deck includes: - 1 story - 5 wh- questions for recalling story details - 5 items for inferencing - 5 items for identifying story elements - 4 picture events for sequencing - 14 fill-in-the-blank items for recall/retell For FREEBIES and more stories like this, check out my store. :)