Vocabulary Practice: Weather

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by Learning with Sunflower Smiles

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Vocabulary Practice: Weather Use this deck with your ESL beginner students to introduce them to simple vocabulary and sentences. The following six words are covered in this deck: sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, hot, cold The following sentences are also introduced and covered in the deck: What is the weather like? The weather is... The weather is ... and ... The weather is not... The weather is not ... and ... This highly interactive deck offers beginner students many opportunities to practice the new vocabulary and sentence structures presented to them. They will remain engaged and will have ample opportunity to use their new vocabulary. Audio has also been included for vocabulary words and introduction to sentences. Check out a sample here: http://bit.ly/ESL-Beginner-Vocabulary-Sample The product contains 10 activities: 1. Vocabulary introduction (pictures and words) 2. Drag the picture to the correct name box. 3. Select the correct name from the list for the picture 4. What weather can you see? Drag the magnifying glass to count. 5. Copy, complete and say the pattern. 6. Answer the question using the picture clue. 7. Form sentences with the pictures revealed. The weather is ... and ... 8. Complete the sentence by dragging the shadow away to reveal the answer. 9. Role play with questions and answers. 10. Board game using the yellow and orange movers on the side to keep place and a physical die. Say a sentence for the block you land on.