AAC Play Mats: Cars and Roads

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by CommunicationWithColette

Price: 175 points or $1.75 USD

Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: These play mats can be used in person or through video conferencing platforms. Each mat has 3 cars which can be dragged around a scene. Each scene has 2 versions: one with Picture Icons (thanks SmartySymbols!) and one without. The cars vary in colors in sizes, which opens up opportunities to discuss those concepts during play. Picture icons cover the following words: - Go - Stop - Fast - Slow - Big - Small - Drive - On - Car You can do so many different things with these play mats! Here are some ideas: - Have the students tell a story about the items on the picture scenes. They can move the cars around as they tell the story. For example, "The big red car was driving away from the mountain. It was driving fast!" - Use as a follow-up to a core-word activity. For example, after doing a lesson about the word "go", you could use this map to reinforce the concept of "go". - Have students practice finding these words on their AAC system as they play. For example, you could say "Do you want the car to go? Ok, find the word "go" on your talker, then the car can go!"