Valentine Escape Room: Two Digit Addition

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by VirtuallyTeaching

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Subjects: additionAndSubtraction,comparisons,shapes,properties,games,math

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: This is an escape room challenge requiring students to think creatively and use clues to figure out combinations. They'll need to know two-digit addition with and without regrouping, symmetry, even and odd, and ordering two-digit numbers. If your students have never done an activity like this, you might need to walk them through at least one of the locks. They usually need to be introduced to finding an incorrect answer and then looking for new clues or coming up with a new idea and trying again. Solutions: Slide 2 is just an example. Slide 3: Students should find the sum for each candy. Then, start with the greatest sum and use arrows to point to the next heart in order from greatest to least. They should ignore 67+28 because it has an odd sum. 24+66=90 ⇦ 46+38 ⇩ 53+25 ⇨ 19+35 ⇧ 38+14 Slide 4: Order the prices on tags from least to greatest. (Students may try greatest to least first. Encourage them to keep trying!) Place the shapes that correspond with the tags into the candy box. Skip the shapes whose dotted lines do not show symmetry. square, triangle, circle, rhombus Slide 4: Check the addition problems on each candy. Ignore every candy with an incorrect sum. Find the colorful letter on each remaining candies. Put the letters in the candy box in order by greatest to least sums. 72+16=88: L 26+49=75: O 49+25=74: V 18+23=41: E