Speech Therapy ARTICULATION St. Patrick's Day for L and L-BLENDS | Feed the St. Patricks Day Friends

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by The Busy Speech Mom

Price: 350 points or $3.5 USD

Subjects: speech

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Use this ENGAGING St Patrick's Day Speech Therapy Articulation task to address /l/ and /l/blends. Feed FIVE different St. Patrick's Day friends while targeting /l/ by initial, medial, final, and mixed word positions and mixed initial /l/blends. Each page contains 10 target words with text for a total of 50 words per phoneme position. Feed the St. Patrick's Day friends themed items as well as words containing target sound. Address MLU expansion with visual prompts on each page. "The ___ swallowed the ____". Includes one page for He/She pronoun usage with visual prompt. **St. Patrick's Day Friends include: Hungry Pot of Gold, Hungry Rainbow, Hungry Monster, Hungry Hat, He/She St. Patrick's Day kids. This resource includes: Initial L- five tasks Medial L- five tasks Final L- five tasks Mixed L - five tasks Mixed initial L-blends- 5 tasks *NOTE: Targets may be used more than once for multiple trials. Keywords: speech therapy, speech therapy games, game boards, articulation, articulation games, articulation therapy, feed me, St. Patrick's Day, Speech Therapy St. Patrick's Day, speech therapy feed me, minimal pairs, preschool speech therapy, l, lblends