Onomatopoeia Boom Card Practice

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by Dressed In Sheets

Price: 400 points or $4 USD

Subjects: ela

Grades: 2,3

Description: Onomatopoeia are words that sound like the objects they name or the sounds those objects make. With these eye catching cards the kiddos will have fun completing sentences using words provided to make sense of every sentence. Students will match a word that would make the sound described by the sentence given. There is a total of 43 cards includes example showing what onomatopoeia words are. Words used in the sheets: splat, bolt, boom, snap, bang, meow, smack, puff, hush, cuckoo, clatter, fizz, squeak, splash, crunch, howled, ring, purrs, pop, sizzling, crack, hoot, click, drip, slurped, rattle, buzz, tick-tock, crackle, vroomed, screeched, roar, growled, zapped, hiss, poof, yawn, clapped, mumbled, bark, squealed, bang, pow, pop, boing, snap, zip, sniff, quack, snip, splat, crash, moo, tap. Enjoy!