Reading Base 10 Form of 3-Digit Numbers | Winter

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by Jollymum

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Subjects: math,firstDayOfWinter,holiday,placeValue,baseTen,mathElementary

Grades: 2,3

Description: Are you looking for a quick review of place value? Engage your second graders with these vibrant, winter-themed place value cards to practice reading three-digit numbers using the base-10 form. What you can expect: Your students are shown a 3-digit number on each card. Students will have to identify the different digits represented by base-10 blocks. They will then write their 3-digit numbers in the boxes provided. Skills covered: ➤ Read numbers to 1000 using base-ten numerals. What you will receive with your purchase: ➤ 27 unique cards ➤ Each card with a 3-digit number ➤ a winter background with a frozen lake Cards are randomized, as are the possible answers, meaning your students can play the deck many times before they get the same set of cards or possible answers in the same order.