Christmas Escape Room: House of Decimals

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by Master Xuan

Price: 700 points or $7 USD

Subjects: math

Grades: 4,5

Description: There are 51 Boom Cards in this boom deck that let your students practise decimals with Christmas theme. There are notes, guided solutions, 6 math activities and more than 40 questions. Students need to answer extra questions when they get questions wrong or when they click the help buttons. Math Skills + Games: ADD DECIMALS + COMPARE DECIMALS (2 decimal places) DIVIDE DECIMALS: MAZE (2 decimal places) MULTIPLY DECIMALS: JIGSAW PUZZLES + ORDINAL NUMBER (2 decimal places) PLACE VALUES (up to THOUSANDTHS place): LOGIC PUZZLE ROUNDING OFF: MATH TILES (2 decimal places) 4 OPERATIONS OF DECIMALS: 10 WORD PROBLEMS + MYSTERY MESSAGE (2 decimal places) Story Background: You are a Santa’s intern. You get to deliver the presents by yourself today. You managed to get into the House of Decimals but suddenly the entrances were blocked once you get in! You have to get out before the sun rises else the mystery veil of Santa Claus will be revealed! Solve the clues to escape the House of Decimals! *Updated as of 31/10/2022