Valentine's Day Core Vocabulary & Early Language

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by Miss D SLP

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Subjects: speech,specialed,holiday,communicationModalities,modalitiesAAC,valentinesDay,communicationSkills

Grades: 0

Description: Valentine's Day themed deck targeting 20+ functional core vocabulary words and phrases! Each card contains pull down and slide away visual supports/sentence strips to fully customize each activity to the vocabulary you are targeting with your student! Use the cards for multiple lessons targeting new vocabulary each time! Each card contains a pull down w/ "Want stop" & "Want more" to give your student the opportunity to end the activity or communicate that they want to play more! Activities include: Find the Heart: Search for the heart that is hidden behind one of three objects! Targets: I think __, Look here __, Found it!, Not here!, Where is it? It was behind the __, Want stop, Want more Valentine Mailbox: Put the Valentines into the box! Target: Put in, I got __, I want__, Like it, Don't like, Want more, Want stop Feed the Love Monster: Target: Eat__, I want__, Don't like, Like it, What is it? It is __, Want stop, want more What's Behind the Cookie? Target: I think__, Let's look, What is it? It is__, You can__, Want more, Want stop (Expansion: Use the "You can" visual to talk about item functions! E.g., "You can SIT" when you find the chair!) Fill the jar: Use a dice or spinner to take turns adding hearts to the jar! Target: Put in, I got__, Like it, Don't like, Want stop, Want more, I want__ This can be used as a reinforcer with any speech activity or as an activity by itself! Enjoy!