La maison French Reader

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by Speak Up Language Learners

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Subjects: language,nativelanguage,nativeFrench,nativeFrenchCanadian,instructionalFrench,instructionalFrenchCanadian

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: This is a simple interactive French story about the rooms of a house & what is found in each room. There is audio for each page for students to listen while they read. {Audio recorded by native French speaker from Canada} The story is made up of 18 cards. Vocabulary included are: Maison, télévision, salon, canapé, lampe, table basse, cuisine, four, évier, réfrigérateur, lave-vaisselle, salle de bain, lavabo, toilette, baignoire, douche, chambre, lit, commode, table de nuit, tapis, table, salle à manger, chaises, assiettes, verres, garage, outils, vélo, balai, voiture, bureau, ordinateur, téléphone et étagère. The next 11 cards with audio give students practice with reading & listening comprehension. Students click on the audio to hear a sentence. Next they drag the words to form the sentence they heard in the audio.