First and Second Grade Language Screening.

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by Speechie Trish

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: This Boom deck is a receptive and expressive language screening for ages 5-7 to be used in conjunction with the First and Second Grade Language Scoring Form. This screener allows a teacher or speech language pathologist to screen early communication skills. Targeted Skills include; *Basic Concepts (prepositions, positions) *Pragmatics (use of basic requests, answers yes/no questions) *Object Functions *Sentence Structure (use of past and future tense) *Morphology (irregular plurals, possessive nouns and conjunctions) *Wh-Questions (asking and answering) *Pronoun understanding and use This screening is to be used only to determine if further testing by a licensed speech pathologist is required. It is not meant to determine eligibility into any program.