Irregular Plural Nouns (Fall Theme)

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by Heather Marie Teaches

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 2,3

Description: Are you looking for a fun way to help your students identify irregular plural nouns? This set of digital task cards will allow your students to work with irregular plural nouns in multiple ways. Task 1: Match the picture to the correct word (5 cards) Task 2: Click on all the words that are plural nouns (5 cards) Task 3: Click on all the words that are irregular plural nouns (4 cards) Task 4: Sorting singular & plural nouns (5 cards) Task 5: Sorting plural nouns & irregular plural nouns (6 cards) Task 6: Move the apples with plural nouns to the tree (5 cards) Task 7: Complete the sentence (5 cards) Task 8: Identify the plural noun in the sentence (5 cards) There are 40 digital cards in this set. This set randomizes to play 20 cards at a time. So, each time your students play they will get a new set of cards. If any of the problems are too easy or too challenging, you can hide those cards from your students using the Hide Cards setting in your library.