Social Skills for Middle School and High School

by Misty's Speech World

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Subjects: sel,speech,specialed

Grades: 8,9,10,11,12

Description: Your students will get lots of perspective taking and social skills practice with these 42 task cards! Each card features a situation relatable to middle school and high school students, where the student must identify 3x possible perspectives of a character. This is set 3! If you enjoyed this and want more scenarios, please visit my store for sets 1 and 2! There is no difficulty changes between the sets, they just have more scenarios and examples! I find students can have difficulty putting themselves in another's shoes which can significantly impact on their ability to develop and maintain friendships and relationships. Interpreting perspectives is a key skill for students in order to develop and nurture friendships. Regular education teachers, special education teachers, SLPs, or other support professionals could all benefit from using these task cards with their students. Please note that that this deck provides open ended answers for your students to fill in. This is NOT automatically graded - you must manually grade it after it has been submitted, or as you go with your student (before they press submit) if you prefer. The second option is how I use them in my 1:1 sessions online and face to face. This open ended version has been created to allow for more discussion and more subjective responses. If there are any issues or errors, please email me at and I will fix them!