COME: Targeted Sight Word Work

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by The Felt Tip Pen

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: This deck provides targeted Sight Word Work for the word COME. It is a digital take on the Jan Richardson method of sight word study (The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading, 2016)! Each slide included audio for directions and unfamiliar words. Some exercises repeat multiple times so students get practice with different features of the word. The deck does NOT randomize so that students complete the steps in this order. 1 - read the word (audio provided for support) 2 - Say it when you see it! (embedded you tube video I created of the word being built one letter at a time; no person is pictured in the video, it is letters only) 3 - Find what's missing (students drag a missing letter into the word) 4 - Build the word (students drag letters into a boxes to make the word) 5 - Mix and Fix (students unscramble the word) 6 - Table writing (picture prompt to trace the word onto a flat surface with their finger) 7 - Write it on paper (picture prompt to write the word with a pencil) 8 - Retrieve it (click on the word among examples and non-examples) 9 - Use it (fill in the blank of a sentence by dragging the correct word)