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by 5Minz4OT

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Subjects: ot

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Description Are you looking for a boom card that works on many skills while entertaining and engaging the child for teletherapy, home or school ? Look no further these cards have been created by an occupational therapist to be used in conjunction with fine motor exercises and while incorporating writing practice with paper and pencil, dry erase boards or chalkboards amongst the use of the cards.They are simple fun and engaging for children, teachers and parents too. Contained within this deck are 11 cards that contain Valentines themed activities involving Letter placement, orientation and size activities these skills need to be an automatic exercise for a child in order for them to share and express their ideas within the classroom verbally, in their written work and in typing. Cards contained in the deck work on: 1. Intro 2. Put the hearts in the envelope and see what lies beneath. Are the letters tall, short or dive down? Write the letters or a word. 3. Scan left to right top to bottom. Have the student verbalize all the letters then write down. 4. Following directions on this card 5. Put the dive down letters in a jar. 6. Matching hearts. 7. Put all the short letters in a jar. 8. Copy the joke and punchline. 9. Put all the tall letters in the jar. 10. Matching hearts. 11. Unlock the heart code.