3's Multiplication & Division Facts LEVEL 2

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by A Plus Teacher Club

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Subjects: math

Grades: 1,2,3,15

Description: 3's Multiplication & Division Facts Family - LEVEL 2 Use this game after our level 2 version to build recall & Fluency of 3's Times Tables Multiplication & Division Facts with your students. In this LEVEL 2 version the focus is on drill, rote learning of facts, and the idea that if you now 1 fact you know 3 more facts for FREE! Skills: >> Recall multiplication facts for 3's times tables >> Build related division facts >> Commutative Property of multiplication - Numbers can be multiplied in any order without changing the result >> Multiplication & Division are inverse operations >> 3 For FREE Fact Families - Once 1 fact is known you know 3 more just by manipulating the 3 numbers in the problem To Play: 1. Look at the numbers in the circles 2. Read each problem out loud 3. Type the answer for the 4 facts 4. Click submit to check the answer and move on. TRY A LEVEL 1 Version for beginners *****NO Printables Are Included in this version.****If you'd like additional Student Printables for our Boom Cards You may like to purchase a membership on my website www.APlusTeacherClub.com.au