Spring Honey Bee Simple Addition Bugs

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by Individualized Education for Everyone

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Subjects: math

Grades: 13,1

Description: Includes: Distance learning virtual activities formatted on Boom Cards™containing simple addition (sums 1-10), and counting in a spring honey bee bug theme. This deck contains 44 unique addition problems (one on each card) with addends from 1-9. "Teeny-Tiny Honey Bee Crawl Around and Fly Flitter-Flutter Honey Bee Fly Up To the Sky Can you put the correct number of honey bees in the field?" In this activity you will find forty-four slides containing simple addition (1-10), and counting, in the adorable honey bee theme. With this activity your students will solve the addition problem, type in the answer, and drag the correct number of bees into the field. So cute! Directions: Solve the math problem, type in the answer, and drag the correct number of items into the drop-zone. **You and your students will need a Boom™ account to access Product. How Can I use this product? This product can be used for classroom or private use. It is not to be duplicated or edited for resale. All the clip-art and pieces of this product belong to Individualized Education for Everyone, and are not to be altered or copied for commercial gain. The Terms of Use can be found in the preview section of this listing. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to these Terms of Use. Summary: Virtual distance learning activities formatted on Boom Cards™ with simple addition, and counting in a honey bee bug theme. Great for spring.