The Antonym Sisters; Level 1 Freebie

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by Sparkle Speechie

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 1,2,3,5,7

Description: The Antonym Sisters teach opposite word relationships. One says "yes" and the other says "____." The full version is packed with content and has 98 content cards! This Feeebie decks contains 20 question cards: 5 fill in one word cloze sentences 5 fill in two words drag & drop cloze sentences 3 single word matching cards with 5 choices (no extra words) 3 single word matching cards with 5 choices (one extra word) 4 single word, multiple choice of six Level 1 uses the following word pairs across sections to provide repeated practice with various levels of support: up/down, easy / hard, light/dark, day/night, wet/dry, top/bottom, happy/sad, stop/go, on/off, good/bad, open/closed, win/lose, new/used, laugh/cry, yes/no, empty/full, clean/dirty, big/small, short/long, fast/slow, mean/kind, asleep/awake, always/never, under/over. Keep a look out for The Antonym Sisters Level 2 and Level 3, coming soon, and check out the freebies and more in my store: Sparkle Speechie! Thanks for looking, -Leslie