Multiplying by 1 and 0

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by Dressed In Sheets

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Subjects: math,multiplicationAndDivision,operationsAndAlgebraicThinking,mathElementary,classificationAndProperties

Grades: 1,3

Description: *this BOOM Deck has open response (meaning any answer will be accepted and the teacher has to manually check if the answer is correct) on the 'multiplying by 1' and 'multiplying by 0' questions but NOT on the quiz. On the quiz, all answers that are not the the correct answer will be counted as incorrect automatically (meaning that there's no manual grading required for the quiz).* Introducing multiplication to the children? This BOOM Deck includes practice cards which explains to students what is a factor and a product when we talk about multiplication. They will have abundant practice in identity property of multiplication which means that they will know that any product of any number and 1 is that number. They will also have practice in zero property of multiplication which states that if 0 is multiplied by a factor, the product is 0. By understanding the basics you are setting a strong foundation as the student moves upward to the ladder of multiplying two digit numbers. There are cards included explaining in simple terms the identity property of multiplication and zero property of multiplication. Enjoy!