School Themed Search & Answer Where Questions + Positional Concepts

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by Mia McDaniel | Putting Words In Your Mouth

Price: 420 points or $4.2 USD

Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This deck targets 1) positional concepts like on, under, in, between, in front, behind, next to, and on top. and 2) answering “where” questions in complete sentences. 3) Sentence strips included also help to increase MLU for children who have that need. This 32 card deck is composed of a TEACHING card and then sets of cards that require children to use/drag the virtual flashlight to find items in the “dark.” The item they need to search for is in the top left corner of every other card. After they find the item, they should click NEXT to go to another card that requires them to complete a sentence by dragging an answer (from a choice of 4). I hope this helps you target multiple skills while getting big time engagement from your students or clients! Thanks to Smarty Symbols for the icons and symbols! Questions? Email me at