Addition with 1s Fluency Facts on a Ten Frame

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by Dragonfly Bay

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Subjects: firstDayOfSpring,additionAndSubtraction,holiday,math,mathElementary,operationsAndAlgebraicThinking

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Are you looking for an engaging activity that will have your students practicing their addition fluency facts while having fun? This self-graded game offers students a reward for each correct answer encouraging them to continue to find parts of a missing picture. Students will focus on the addend 1 and will use ten frames to solve each addition equation from 0-10 with a visual model of the problem. Students will enjoy growing their math skills with this fluency game as they earn rewards. As they work through the equations they will earn portions of a hidden image and at the end of the game students will also be rewarded with an animated GIF image. THIS PRODUCT FOCUSES ON THE FOLLOWING STANDARDS: Students will answer questions like 6 + 4 = ? They will have a visual model of each question to help struggling students. ✅Common Core State Standards: K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A5, 1.OA.C6, 2.OA.B.2 ✅Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills: MA.K.1C, MA.K.3A, MA.K.3C, MA.1.3A, MA.1.3.E, MA.1.3F ✅Virginia Standards of Learning: CE.K.6, CE.1.6, CE.1.7b, CE.2.5.b QUESTIONS OR CONNECT WITH ME ✉ EMAIL: ❤️Thank you, Michelle, Dragonfly Bay © Dragonfly Bay by Michelle