Beginning L Blends | Read the Word

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by First Grade Maestra Trisha Hyde

Price: 200 points or $2 USD

Subjects: ela,reading,foundationalSkills,fluency,phonics,sightWords

Grades: 1,2

Description: In this Beginning L Blend Read the Word game, students will read the sentences and choose the sentence that best goes with the picture. There is Audio included on every slide to help beginning readers. Words included are clam, slid, slit, slam, slug, plot, slip, slim, sled, slot, plan, plus, plug, glen, flap, glop, flop, glob, glum, plum, glad, fled, flip, flat, clip, clap, club, blot, flag, clad, blob. This deck supports RF.K.1.B, RF.K.3.A, RF.K.3.B, RF.1.3, RF.1.3.B