SEL - How Monsters Say Sorry

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by Whimsy Workshop Teaching

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Subjects: sel

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Create a peaceful classroom with the help of social skills lessons in SEL Monster books! These books are carefully designed to help you introduce and explore essential social skills concepts in a funny, lighthearted way. "How Monsters Say Sorry" (Book 9) is a 10-page social story featuring cute monsters who illustrate how to say sorry in a meaningful way, and why it's important to do so even though it might be hard or scary to admit when we are wrong. The story emphasizes that everyone makes mistakes, and that a genuine apology means you won't do it again, or that you'll be more careful next time. At the end of the story there are yes/no questions that review the story elements and reinforce concepts. Audio is included in this version to hear the story read aloud. Audio of character voices is included! Boom Cards can be used on desktop computers, phones and tablets both in the classroom and for Distance Learning.