Say it Right! Past Tense "ed" Ending

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by Miss Mary in Florida

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Subjects: ela,speakingListening,englishSecondLanguage,language,instructionalEnglish,nativeEnglish,eslPronunciation

Grades: 15

Description: One of the best pronunciation tips you can give your ESL students is how to correctly pronounce the past tense "ed" endings. Students commonly pronounce words like "washed" with two syllables. It can be difficult to remember when the extra syllable is needed and when it's not. In this mini-lesson, the three ways to pronounce the past tense "ed" ending are explained, with samples and audio files. Students then practice by selecting the correct ending sound for 50 regular verbs. The audio files are a human voice (mine), not a robotic text-to-talk, so students hear real-life pronunciation.