Grade 6 - 8 Present Level Assessment

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by Love2Speak

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Subjects: ela,speech

Grades: 6,7,8

Description: This Boom Deck works on assessing language skills in students grades 6-8. Some slides are interactive to click responses or type into, but most slides involve the student providing a verbal response, so this deck should not be assigned to a student to complete on their own. Card : Narrative comprehension Card 4-5: Informational text comprehension Card 6-7: Antonyms-5 words to provide an antonym & 5 words with 3 choices Card 8-9: Synonyms-5 words to provide a synonym & 5 words with 3 choices Card 10: Vocabulary-5 words to define Card 11: Similarities & differences Card 12: Writing-2 questions Card 13: Conjunctions-3 real pictures & 4 subordinating conjunctions to provide verbal complex sentence Card 14-15: Parts of speech–define 6 parts of speech. MC to determine the part of speech of word in a sentence Card 16: Analogies–6 analogies Card 17: Fact vs. Opinion-5 statements Card 18: What does not belong-5 different groups of 4 words Card 19: Homophones-choose word to complete sentence Card 20-21: Multiple meaning words-without context and with context Card 22: Inferencing-5 sentences Card 23: Context clues-5 sentences Card 24-25: Figurative language-words for students to define. 5 examples to identify Card 26-28: Provide a cause, effect and solution-each card has 5 statements Card 29: Affixes-Select which affix is underlined & define prefix, suffix & root Card 30: Morphology-6 sentences to add a prefix/suffix to a word Questions? ->