Valentine's Day Scrambled Sentences

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by Pint Size Learners

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: Engage your kindergarten, first and second grade students during February with these this 20 card Valentine's Day themed scrambled sentences Boom Deck. Your students will love the seasonal sentences and they won't even realize they are perfecting their sentence writing abilities. This February Sentence Resource includes scrambled sentences that the students will put into order then select a picture that goes with the sentence. Valentine's Day Scrambled Sentences Includes: Activity 1 - Scrambled Sentences • read the sentence • build the sentence • select a picture to go with the sentence Activity 2 - Build a Sentence • Students build a sentence using draggable cards. All directions and picture identification are supported with sound. Perfect for a technology center, classroom iPad use, home schooling or distance learning during February.