Multiplication Equations Mystery Picture Sweet Treats

by The Truthful Tutor

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Subjects: math,mathElementary,operationsAndAlgebraicThinking,multiplicationAndDivision

Grades: 3,4

Description: Do your students need more help with multiplication equations? Do they know how to multiply but they need more practice on seeing the problems in a little bit of a different way. This multiplication game is for you! Your students will love to reveal the mystery picture as they work their way through multiplication equations. They will have fun trying to guess what the picture is while practicing their multiplication equations. As a teacher boom cards are also perfect for multiplication math centers. Your students will be able to do their math centers with direct feedback from the program which means that you will be able to supervise the whole class easier. Boom Cards are also self-grading and you will be able to see fully what problems students got wrong and what you need to work on. This makes this multiplication equation games one of the best multiplication games. Amazing Features ✳12 math problems ✳Drag and Drop ✳Mystery Picture Reveal ✳Multiplication Practice.