Woodland Counting 0-10 w/ Moveable Counters, Learning Card, & Audio

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by Kanuck Edventures

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Subjects: math,nativelanguage,language,specialed,mathElementary,instructionalEnglish,nativeEnglish

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Learning Objectives: 1-1 Counting, Number & Word Identification **Includes Learning Card & Audio Hints** On this Kanuck Edventure, fun will be had counting moveable pinecones and identifying numbers to 10 in ENGLISH. The Learning Card is displayed prior to playing, to help teach/review learning objectives. Little Edventurers can begin playing by selecting the green check mark (next). Cards progress automatically and are randomized, allowing the order of the cards to change with each play. 😊 Thanks for stopping by & happy edventuring! 😊 *Please note: this Edventure is also available in FRENCH, search for "Compter 0-10 *French* Woodland w/ Moveable Counters, Learning Card & Audio" MOVEABLE COUNTERS help build beginner counting skills. Counters can be dragged anywhere on the screen to help 'Edventurers' with their 1-1 counting skills. AUDIO: Verbal Sound hints are included to offer additional support & assist with number identification. Numbers can be heard on each card by tapping on the sound icon below the number(s), as often as needed before answering.